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Supporting communities through

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Supporting communities through Education and Healthcare

Since the opening of Lantana Galu Beach in 2010, the owners have been contributing to the Lantana CSR Fund*. The aim of this CSR initiative is to pool together a significant amount of funds every year for the sole purpose of supporting underprivileged communities within the South Coast area of Kenya where Lantana Galu Beach is situated.

The Management Team in conjunction with the owners of Lantana Galu Beach chose to use the funds to support two very special projects, each of which have been in operation for several years and which have proved extremely successful in literally changing the lives of the communities they support through two fundamental initiatives:education and healthcare.

Guests at Lantana Galu Beach are encouraged to visit and meet those responsible for each of these projects either to broaden their own understanding of the lives of the local communities within the South Coast area or to make direct donations to these projects that help in improving the quality of life of the men, women and children they support.

*Corporate Social Responsibility

Kinondo Kwetu Clinic

basic healthcare at a very low cost

The Kinondo Kwetu Clinic started its operation in November 2008. It offers basic healthcare at a very low cost, a cost that is waived for those who cannot afford it. Since it started, the clinic has been recognized for its good work for HIV and TB patients, as well as for its laboratory and its more recent maternity unit.

After four years in operation, the Kinondo Kwetu Clinic has taken on an important role as a model to other clinics in the Coastal Province.

The clinic has a program which at present caters for 320 HIV clients per month. To this end, Kinondo Kwetu Clinic, through its chief officer Mr. Harrison Kaingu, has partnered with Bomu Charity clinic, which every Wednesday sends ten people to assist in the clinic’s HIV program and financed by USAID and CDC (Center for Disease control).

Another partnership is with Mercy-USA for Aid & Development which provides nutritional support through the World Food Program for severely malnourished and underweight children. 69 underweight children needed nutritional support in 2011 and received support until to April 2012.

Safe childbirths are another important task for the clinic. To this end, it has initiated a Safe Delivery Program and an Antenatal Program. Sometimes deliveries take place in very primitive homes, with the assistance of traditional birth attendants. The safe delivery program aims at engaging the traditional birth attendants to bring expecting mothers to the clinic. To reach this purpose, the clinic has engaged traditional birth attendants in a welfare scheme for which they are remunerated. This program has had a very good result. In 2010, a total of 42 deliveries took place at the clinic. For 2011, this figure for the first eight months was 129. More and more mothers now come to the clinic for antenatal care, which also helps to bring down the figure of childbirths with tragic outcomes. The clinic’s target is to cater for 300 deliveries per year.


For more information about Kinondo Kwetu Clinic, please visit their website:


Ya Kesho*

getting educated for a stronger future!

"Those of us who have been privileged to receive education, skills, experiences and even power must be role models for the next generation of leadership."

-Wangari Maathai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, 2004

Isn’t it a universal concern of all parents that their offspring have a bright future and thus wish for their children to have a sound education as a foundation for their lives?

Ya Kesho supports families in need at the south coast of Kenya, making sure they can send their children to a good school. The hope is that a solid school education will help these children find a good job in the future, the central goal being the future independence of these children and their families.

The funds donated to Ya Kesho are used to finance primary and secondary school education for a group of 7 to 10 children so that they might contribute to their own and to their country’s future. The aim is to give the children a chance to stand on their own two feet and not to have to rely on donations forever.

The Ya Kesho fund finances school fees and school related items such as books, uniforms and boarding for children until they finish their secondary school education.

The founders of Ya Kesho have personal connections to the children they support. They visit the children regularly at their schools and are in frequent contact with their parents.

After they complete their High School education, Ya Kesho supports the children with helping them to find scholarships or appropriate apprenticeships in various companies and organisations.

* ‘Ya Kesho’ means ‘For Tomorrow’ in Kiswahili


Ya Kesho

Currently supports 7 children:

Suleimi (22), Abubakhar (19) and Yahya (16) who are attending Secondary Schools close to home and who board at their schools.

Juma (17), Imran (9), Saumu (11) and Ernest (5) are in Primary Schools in Diani and live at home.

For more information about Ya Kesho, please visit their website:


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